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Brew 'n' Q 2020

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Brew 'n' Q 

Welcome to Brew n Q and the many world BBQ teams that will be going head to head at this year's International BBQ Championships being hosted this year at Heather in the Park's May bank holiday show.

Watch as the tension unfolds as some of the best BBQ teams from Europe and further afield with the USA entrants 'HOT WACHULAS'  come together for the 2020 grill off. 


Who will take this year's crown?


Walkthrough the competition tented village, meet the teams, talk BBQ tips but don't expect to hear all their secrets as you discuss what makes their entrant the best. After judging, you may even get a chance to taste it!


2019 Winners Bunch of Swines Return to defend their title again at this year's event...​

Brew ‘n’ Q is two American style BBQ competitions, rolled into one great weekend.

Competition one will see the 'Champions League of BBQ’ where invited teams from all over the world will go head to head to be crowned Grand Champion!

Competition two will see these teams joined by up to 20 others from around the world to do it all again for the chance of another Grand Championship.

Hot Wachulas U.S.A.

Friulli Violent Grillers Italy 

Sun City Szeged. Hungary.
Bunch of Swines U.K.
Cook Lounge. Austria.
Southern Dutch. Netherlands.
White Squirrel. Germany.
Grillspitz Bbq. Austria.
Backcorner BBQ. Netherlands.
Knockstone BBQ. Austria.
BBQ Rangers. Belgium.
BBQ+. Belgium.
Uncle Tony’s Cockney Q. U.K.
Westside. Austria.
Brigboys. Italy.
5Q. Belgium.
Masters of Fire. Netherlands.
Fat Wally’s. Canada.
Smoking Aces. Sweden.
De Rokende Regahs. Netherlands.
Egghead BBQ. Austria.
Parkstaad Smokers. Netherlands.
BBQ Team Westcoast. Denmark. U.S.A.
Bonsais Wild. Germany.
Dragon BBQ. Germany.
Smoking Finns. Finland.
Wonkey Donkeys. U.K.
De Filous. Belgium.
Tea and Brisket. U.K.
All Seasoned. Netherlands.
Sale and Pepe. Czech Republic.
Pure BBQ. Netherlands.
Psycho Dog. Italy.
010 Braii. Netherlands.
Bughouse Smokers. Netherlands.
Osdorp Grillers. Netherlands.
Schluctengriller. Austria.
Fine Young Carnivores. France.
Smokey the Boar. Belgium.
Bullet Brothers. U.K.
Bardown BBQ. U.K.
Joker Smokers. U.K.
8T8 BBQ. U.K.
Heck of a dish. U.K.
Smokin Shaun’s. U.K.
Knights of the round grill U.K.
Clean smoke BBQ. Sweden.
Smokin hot double D’s U.K.